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Past Shows

"Oktoberfest: The Rathskellar" - Audience members teach Bierhall owner, Heinrich Hossen, how to do the "Chicken Dance."
"Class Reunion"- Lizzy sings the old high school fight song, much to the dismay of other members of the class of '52.

Guest Comments

How are the shows?

Let our guests answer that question. Here are a couple unsolicited comments:

  • "I had to take aspirin during the show. My cheeks hurt from laughing."
  • The "Dinner at Grandma's" show was the most moving show I have seen recently."
  • "It's great to know there is good, wholesome entertainment out there that doesn't have to resort to foul language to try to get a laugh."
  • "I kept checking my watch; I didn't want it to end."
  • "One complaint, I ate too much!"

"Dinner at Grandma's"- The "Gray Lady Shopping Bag Brigade" prepares to go on a buying binge.
"Island Adventure"- The Tropical Nuts entertain at Mills Reef Isle, where everyday is an "Island Adventure".

"Island Adventure"- Captain Horatio Mills and First Mate, drunken Milligan, tell the story of Mills Reef Isle.
"USO: Star Spangled, All-American Revue"- During the Revolutionary War, the story goes; Betsy Ross sewed the first flag.
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